Alternative values

Missing value in your data source? Set an alternative value.

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Use sequence variables

Need a raising coupon number? Or a random string?

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CSV or Excel import

Import your Excel or CSV file

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Automator support

Use your workflows within MySerializer.

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Easy image placement

Have your images where you need them.

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PDF Export

Export files to single PDFs with indiviual names

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Do you want to know more?

What is MySerializer?

Import Excel to Adobe® InDesign® was never easier! MySerializer is a bridge between Microsoft Excel®/CSV and Adobe® InDesign® and lets you easily create serial letters or other serialized documents with your data and your Adobe® InDesign® Layouts on your Apple Mac®. MySerializer is Adobe® InDesign®s data merge alternative. Bulk import from Excel and CSV to InDesign – this is the solution.

MySerializer adresses small agencies, freelancers and others who handle their clients data in Microsoft Excel®/CSV and love the comfort of layouting in Adobe® Indesign®.

It has more possibilities than Adobe® InDesign®’s built in data merge, e.g. it allows you modifying and combining several data columns from your Excel®/CSV file. Bulk import to InDesign was never easier.

MySerializer is small, fast and easy. It is not made for huge catalog productions or complex operations. If you’re not sure if MySerializer fits your needs, download the trial version and test it for free.

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